Our Endowment Fund

A world for children

fondation trybaCreated in June 2008, the purpose of the Tryba Foundation, which has become an endowment fund in September 2017, is to protect disadvantaged childhood. It supports projects mainly in Vietnam and in Burkina Faso. Our aid goes to specific projects. It is not only financial. In order for the staff to adhere to this initiative, the endowment fund mainly supports projects launched and carried out by them. 

In cooperation with Enfants d’Asie since 2009, TRYBA A world for children supports programmes developed in Vietnam for children and teenagers' schooling who originate from rural families in extreme poverty. We currently support more than 1,600 children, mainly girls, through their quite difficult schooling process and vocational training.

At the same time, we have financed the building of 2 schools and taken over the cost for refurbishing and extending several boarding schools. In 2015 and 2016, we have financed the building of some houses for the poorest in the Mekong Delta.

Ever since 2015, we have been working with Franco-Vietnamese NGOs in Vietnam. We partially finance:


  • the projects of Poussières de Vie for, among others, the schooling of street children in Ho Chi Minh City and the professional training of youngsters of the ethnic minorities in Kon Tum
  • the building of an orphanage with Les Enfants du Dragon
  • a welcoming and caring structure for underprivileged children and for disabled children, and the training of their parents and educators with Mekong+.

Since 2017, we have been supporting Alliance Anti Trafic. AAT organizes the rescue, the repatriation to their original country and the reintegration in the community of victims of human trafficking.

The staff of the Atrya Group is fully involved in the actions of TRYBA A world for children : volunteering, English teaching, flea markets, donations, sponsorships.

The TRYBA A world for children also supports various French organisations which work towards the schooling of children in various areas in Burkina Faso.

Once a year, Ingrid and Johannes Tryba visit the programmes supported by the TRYBA fund in Vietnam to check the good use of the donations. During their visits, they organise parties for the sponsored children and visit new projects.

The budget of TRYBA A world for children amounts 380 000 €. It is provided by 90% by the companies of the Atrya group and spent almost entirely for the projects of the TRYBA fund. The financial survey is available on demand.