Atrya (Tryba, Le Vérandier by Tryba, Menuiserie Thareaut, Norba Suisse, Tryba Energy...)  ended the 2019 financial year with a 49 % holding in the Portuguese group Caixiave, dont il devient actionnaire de référence en s’associant à la famille fondatrice.

With an 18,000 m2 factory in Ribeirão (30 minutes from Porto) employing 300 staff and generating a turnover of 30 million euros (2019), the Portuguese group is the leading manufacturer of PVC doors and windows on the Iberian market. This brings it under the scope of the Alsace-based Atrya group, the European industry leader for the sector. 

At CAIXIAVE, our ambition has always been to position ourselves as industry leaders, with an ability to constantly innovate. Our vision for the future is to reinforce CAIXIAVE's position, bolstering our production and service capacity to cater for an ever greater number of customers. In terms of future projects, I believe that the integration of CAIXIAVE into the Atrya Group will bring greater innovation to the products and services we offer the Spanish and Portuguese markets, further cementing our leading position. The strength of a group with the experience Atrya has will enable a qualitative leap in terms of innovation, marketing and the ability to better lead the Spanish and Portuguese market

A word from Carlos Sá, CEO and founder of CAIXIAVE

Key figures

330 employees

+ 25 years of expertise

3 countries of activity : in Portugal, Spain and France 

CAIXIAVE started its activity in 1993, producing, selling and installing efficient windows in Portugal. 

At its current premises in Ribeirão, CAIXIAVE has set up its production unit, equipped with the most cutting-edge technology for the production of efficient windows. With a constant focus on customer satisfaction, thanks to the quality of its products and services, CAIXIAVE has reached its current position as the Iberian market leader in efficient windows. 

Thanks to its growth and development strategy, CAIXIAVE is a company operating on an international scale, with premises in Portugal, Spain and France, and it maintains a presence both through the direct work it performs and through distributors in other export markets, which include: Luxembourg, Cuba, Mauritania, Angola and Cape Verde.

Thanks to the continued dedication of its highly skilled staff, who currently number almost 300, CAIXIAVE is renowned for the enormous prestige it enjoys, for the flexibility of its solutions, and for constantly adapting to the needs of each market segment (B2B, B2C and Modern Distribution), as well as for its constant innovation in both products and services.