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The success of the ATRYA group is built by the women and men who make and sell our products. In a competitive market, the goal of our group is to combine technical expertise with the strong values upheld by every staff member: Excellence, performance, mutual respect and responsibility. It is this strength which has ensured the group's success for so many years.

A word from the director of human resources, Régis Lehmann 

Working at ATRYA

We put people at the very heart of what we do! When defining our Human Resources policy, we wanted to ensure that every staff member can develop to their full potential within their role. Therefore, we allow every individual to be in charge of their own personal development, by developing their skills through training, by fostering versatility, and by giving them the information they need to be fully involved in the activity of our company. 

We recognise the hard work and dedication of our employees by providing an opportunity for promotion, but also by creating a culture of taking on responsibilities and ensuring everyone is involved in improving the quality of their daily working life


Everyone plays an enthusiastic role in the ongoing development of our company to ensure it continues to meet the expectations of our customers and overcomes the challenges inherent in the projects we undertake. By capitalising on past experiences, we have the skills to build our tools for the future.

We are actively recruiting the talent of tomorrow, by ensuring that all new staff members adopt the company's values. To facilitate their first steps within the group, we offer orientation programmes, adapted to each role, comprising training, an internship in the production department, and an introduction to the various departments to ensure that all staff members understand their environment and can participate fully in a joint undertaking. 

We favour a career path with professional training and learning.  We welcome young people on work/study programs and apprentices, and our shop and department managers take part in the end of study assessments. The group also promotes equal employment with special consideration for female applicants for traditionally male posts and vice versa so as to foster integration and diversity.

We would also like our staff to have a strong commitment to creating a better future for the world, by undertaking concrete actions to benefit local associations or those elsewhere in the world through our "Tryba – A world for children" endowment fund, the goal of which is to help protect disadvantaged children. 

In summary, anyone joining the ATRYA group becomes part of a people-centred company, dedicated to constant growth and progression.


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