A word from management

Message from the founding president, Johannes Tryba

Working alongside my father in his joinery business was what gave me a passion for this occupation. That passion inspired me to start my own business in 1980. Now, more than 40 years later, I still feel excited about developing the Group on a day-to-day basis. A love of high-quality workmanship and a respect for people and the environment are core values for us, and we put all our energy into designing innovative, balanced solutions that align with our values. We have always listened closely to our customers and paid attention to the economic imperatives. Our values are our strengths, and we strive day in, day out to set the standard and exemplify success in our fields. 

We serve as committed ambassadors for our different brands and for our respect for people and the environment. Atrya is a family-owned group whose values and focus on customer needs as a strategic mainstay have made it a leader in the European joinery solutions market.

Our Group places great value on creativity and responsiveness. This responsiveness has enabled us to quickly adapt to new customer needs and digitisation. We strive to meet these new challenges so that we can better serve our customers. The aim of the Group's restructuring in 2018 and 2019 was to increase our agility and to upgrade all of our factories to improve their responsiveness as quickly as possible. The objective was to place the focus back on our core product and prepare the Group for the future.

Message from the CEO of the ATRYA Group, Stéphane Delplancq:

2018 was a pivotal year in the history of our Group, a year where we undertook an extensive analysis of our organisation, our strengths and weaknesses, and the challenges which lay ahead for us.

Central to our reflection has been our desire to see our activities become ever more agile by simplifying our organisation, our processes, and our decision-making paths. We were convinced that the best decisions are taken at the most local level; the head office must control and empower, but it must also give more flexibility and responsibility to those in daily contact with our customers. We came to the conclusion that unnecessary complexity generated inefficiency.

This reflection has driven a major new period in our history thanks to the launch of new strategic projects over the past two years.

By opting for a centralised functional structure, we transferred a number of skills to our operational centres. It was time for us to rely more heavily on our managers and their teams by giving them a new level of autonomy and decision-making flexibility to maximise responsiveness and ensure a better match between organisations and the specificities of each market. Our employees and our HR teams led this evolution, which was completed at the end of 2019.

As a highly centralised and diversified group, we took the decision to launch another major strategic project at the same time, the guiding principles of which can be summarised as follows: refocusing on our core historical activity around the Tryba brand in Europe, sale of non-strategic activity and implementation of a new reference culture of minority shareholding in certain new or historic activities.

Here are a few examples:

    • Divestiture of our historic activities in barriers with the sale of Soprofen at the end of 2018
    • Consolidation of our B2B and Chantier (production) activities in 2018/2019 within the AT Partner Holding where we have supported its historic leader towards the acquisition of a majority holding
    • Acquisition of a strategic minority shareholding in 2019 in the capital of the Portuguese company Caixiave with the objective of expanding across the Iberian Peninsula…

To manage the Group and support the transformation of our organisation, Atrya Management was created in 2019. Its objective is to support our independent activities and our interests by placing synergies at the heart of the challenges and by leveraging the added value. Its DNA also continues to play a functional and expert role in our dependent activities thus enabling them to focus on operational challenges. Atrya Management is the cornerstone of our new organisation.

In order to respond to a world which is evolving very quickly and faced with customers who are all connected, a major strategic project is underway under the leadership of Johannes Tryba: the Digital revolution. In support of our operational divisions and our interests, we have invested heavily, the challenges are sizeable and our will is strong. The digital revolution plays a key and strategic role in our market as in all markets. This fundamental shift in the relationship with our customers is both irreversible and a fantastic development opportunity. We are ready and the first results are in.

Navigating our way with dynamism and resolution through this pivotal period we embarked on 2 years ago will mark our history, but this has only been possible thanks to the men and women in our Group who have committed to it with trust and determination. The period of transformation we have undergone together has enabled us to find the spirit of success and initiative that characterises our Group.