Our values are our strengths; our vision: To exemplify success in our fields.

The ATRYA spirit has 4 pillars:


We are conquerors, open to change, ambitious and persistent, and we invite everyone with whom we work to share our passion.

We are constantly developing our skills. We engage fully with our work and go above and beyond mere expectations. We aim to be creative and to overcome challenges to better meet the needs of our customers.

This starts with individual excellence, since it is our individual motivation that enables us to excel. Next we must consider collective excellence; by working cooperatively with our team members we can develop our skills.


We help our group to thrive over time through our own performance as well as that of our products and services.

On a day-to-day basis, we work rigorously and methodically. We constantly strive to identify factors that will improve our company's position on the market and to develop products and services that guarantee our long-term success.

We value our organisation. Success can be guaranteed by developing and optimising our processes.

We value our occupation. Our professionalism secures the trust of our customers and partners.

We value our products and services. Our products convey an image of our company and the quality of our work.

Mutual respect

We fundamentally respect people and listen to each and every person with whom we work.

We work cooperatively with our team members and share useful information. We listen to our customers and offer them the best solutions. We only accept for our customers, colleagues and companies what we would accept for ourselves. We develop a healthy commercial assertiveness that shows respect for our customers and competitors. Listening to our customers and partners helps us to be creative and innovative in designing our products and services. Our competitors push us to excel every day in our fields.


We commit to the company while respecting people and the environment.

Loyalty to our company. Working with respect for the ethics and standards in our field. Demonstrating restraint and respecting confidentiality when required. Honouring commitments. Guaranteeing professional fulfilment and safety in a stimulating work environment. We commit to our colleagues. Our personal commitment is the driving force that enables us to complete our daily tasks and achieve our objectives. We commit to our customers. By associating each customer with our future, we encourage their loyalty and become stronger as a company. We commit to the environment. Acting, proposing ideas and sharing them to improve both now and in the future.