Tryba Care

The ATRYA group demonstrates its social responsibility through a range of actions.

The Group is working to help protect disadvantaged children in France and abroad through the Tryba - A world for children endowment fund. The goal is to provide assistance to disadvantaged children, regardless of religion or origins. Mainly in Vietnam, but also in Burkina Faso, its actions are based on children's fundamental rights to education and school attendance, the pillars on which their futures are built. The idea which is the driving force behind TRYBA – A WORLD FOR CHILDREN is to reduce the role of chance, giving children back the opportunity to become autonomous adults and participate in the development of their country.

Since 2011, staff from the ATRYA group have been travelling to Ho Chi Minh City to give a fortnight of conversation classes in English to the students supported by Tryba – A world for children.

Once a year, there is a drive to collect a range of items from the various companies in the group and their staff. These items are then sold at a fair. The monies raised are donated to help finance the endowment fund's projects.

The Group also provides aid to the local cultural, humanitarian, and sports associations that its staff and their families are involved with.

Since 2014, ATRYA has organised a "Journée du Coeur" volunteer initiative which allows the Group's staff to spend a day volunteering with a project led by a selected local association. The principle is as follows: Half the day is taken by the employee as leave, the other half is donated by the company. These days enable teams who do not normally work together to join forces on a project.

The site outlines all the Group's different humanitarian activities including the volunteer days, the projects supported by our TRYBA – A world for children endowment fund in Asia but also our support for animal protection.

With TRYBACARE, we wanted to unite the staff and partners of the ATRYA Group around humanitarian projects to support disadvantaged children. We want to promote sport and culture, and work to defend animal rights. The commitment of our staff and partners is essential, and the projects supported must be in line with the Group's values of mutual assistance, integrity and respect.

Johannes Tryba, founder of the Group

Key figures

485 thousands of euros budget

1600 children sponsored in Vietnam

100 weeks of English lessons given to children by our staff