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ATRYA MANAGEMENT SAS is the support services arm of the ATRYA Group, covering the Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Digital areas of expertise, among others.

The company, which offers administrative and management services, specialises in the fields of activity of the various businesses it manages.

Serving all the companies in the Group, ATRYA MANAGEMENT SAS provides optimised and cross-structural services thanks in large part to the digitisation of the financial, legal and HR processes. This enables it to:

    • Work both on industrial and commercial activities, as well as production;
    • Manage the full range of operations in these fields such as general and analytical accounting, tax, management control, consolidation, personnel administration, HR management, contract issuance, litigation management, etc.;
    • Be the driving force and key player in the Group's projects.

This organisation enables leaders to concentrate on their core activity and draw on high-quality services. The organisation must be versatile, flexible, autonomous and agile with supervision by hands-on management.

ATRYA MANAGEMENT SAS also encourages autonomy in its subsidiaries and interests, which are financially independent, by providing them with the following services:

    • Researching and arranging funding;
    • Training and advice on support services;
    • Assistance in consolidation, acquisition, merger and divestiture type operations.

Our crowning achievements

    • Standardisation and reliability of accounting processes and homogenisation of the Group's rules and methods (financial reporting, budgets, consolidation, etc.) ;
    • Implementation of electronic invoicing (incoming and outgoing) with ADP (automated document processing) and workflow for validating invoices and supplier payments;
    • At a legal level, paperless contract system and development of an organisational structure EDM;
    • Implementation of an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) which notably enables employees to complete our various e-learning modules and to benefit from discussions related to performance, development and career guidance.

Key figures

40employees at Gundershoffen

5controlled accounting laws (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania);

25companies managed financially on a daily basis

3levels of consolidation comprising over 60 companies

7collective agreements managed in France, over 44 companies and 1100 payslips per month

ATRYA MANAGEMENT SAS boasts the organisation, precision, expertise and role diversity of a firm, alongside the advantages of belonging to a large Group. The quality of our products is closely tied to the quality and professionalism of the support services. As Henry Ford so rightly said: "the two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people

Semra Sernic, Group CFO