Cross-cutting services

Cross-cutting services are essential links for the Group. They enable us to internalise vital skills in order to improve our services and responsiveness. We can use them to stay competitive and quickly adapt to our customers' evolving needs

Johannes Tryba, CEO of the ATRYA Group


Atrya Création enables us to offer shopfitting services for our brand stores. We create bespoke, fully customised stores for our dealers that meet their needs while optimising the customer experience. Atrya Création enabled us to develop TV Porte, a digital screen that allows customers to view all our door models in actual size.

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SLA is our aluminium coating plant. Keeping the aluminium profile coating process in-house means we can manage the entire production chain. In 2019, we invested 12 million euros in new equipment for the plant. This investment will enable us to boost our production capacity and meet our customers' needs in terms of responsiveness and quality.

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Our IT company, ATWIN, offers an IT support service for staff and manages operational projects. It plays a major role in our digital projects, particularly our factory digitisation project. It also allows data hosting and backup and IT inventory management services to be kept in-house.

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Atrya Management includes the support services of the Atrya Group, including the Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Digital areas of competence. The advantage of keeping these various services in-house is that we have been able to create areas of competence that offer the organisation and expertise of a firm, but are dedicated exclusively to our Group. This means we can manage the various financial, legal and HR-related issues in a much quicker and more focused way. Digitising our in-house processes also makes us much more responsive to the Group's different companies. 

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