TRYBA INDUSTRIE has consolidated all the B2C activity of the ATRYA Group. This is covered by the five brands TRYBA, Le VERANDIER by TRYBA, ISOLATION By TRYBA, Menuiserie THAREAUT and TRYBA Création, which collectively employ more than 600 staff. Also within this scope is Menuiserie THAREAUT, a specialist in wooden windows and doors whose products are also distributed via TRYBA outlets.

"We strive to design innovative, balanced solutions that respect the environment. Our objective is to fully satisfy our customers and our dealers, to secure their success and to give them pride in their work. Together, we aim to set the standard in our industry.

Focusing on the promise made to their customers, our brands have been able to predict changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour, in terms of both mindset and tools, as part of a large-scale digitisation project.

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director

+ 600



strong brands

+ 40

years of expertise

A word from the director

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director

CUSTOMER CONNECT" beautifully conveys the excellence in customer service that our employees and dealers are constantly striving to achieve. This serves to ensure that our brands are offering the right products and services as part of a flawless customer experience, in which human relations assume their full value and significance.

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director

Our brands

The brands of the ATRYA Group are managed by experts in their fields who, along with their teams, are committed to promoting the Group's brands throughout France and Europe.

Tryba, France's leading window manufacturer

As the flagship brand of the Atrya Group, TRYBA designs, manufactures and sells windows, doors and roller shutters, as well as a full range of accessories and glazing. TRYBA also includes a network of dealers who share the same values and focus on excellence. The priority has always been proximity, with over 300 "Espaces Conseil" (support centres) across France.

TRYBA has always acted as an eco-citizen, offering products for low-energy buildings in line with the RT 2012 standard. Recycling, saving energy and reducing waste are part of TRYBA's environmental commitment.

In order to guarantee complete satisfaction and peace of mind for our customers, TRYBA offers high-calibre installation to prevent insulation and infiltration issues, a 30-year guarantee, financial assistance and a pledge of excellence to which the brand is committed for 10 completely new services.

The TRYBA brand, created 40 years ago and built on the values of quality, reliability and service, commands a trust capital that radiates to the other TRYBA INDUSTRIE brands. With more than 300 stores in France and rapid expansion in Belgium, TRYBA accounts for the majority of TRYBA INDUSTRIE's business, with three production sites in France. The brand plans to increase the number of stores to around 350 over the next three years

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director


Key figures

N°1 retail network

400 potential stores in France for TRYBA

100% french manufacturing

+ 1.5 million website visitors

40 years old

30 year guarantee

89% of production waste recycled


Le Vérandier by Tryba

Le Vérandier by Tryba designs, manufactures and installs verandas, pergolas and porches. The brand's teams work to create new, balanced living spaces on the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Pergolas are highly specialised products. Acting as a gateway between your interior and exterior space, they require expert installation to guarantee perfect operation. To ensure your dream can be brought to life and adapted to your requirements, your pergola is very carefully integrated in your environment, right down to the smallest details. Pergola models: Classic pergola, can be modified into a veranda with a glazed or solid roof; Pergola with adjustable slats, also modifiable by adding vertical glazed partitions or blinds.

In addition to its high-quality products, Le Vérandier by Tryba has also built its reputation on supporting its customers, from advising to installation. Every customer benefits from a free, customised study, a 3D façade simulation, a straightforward admin process and expert installation thanks to factory pre-assembly.

With 25 stores, Le VERANDIER by TRYBA is a key player on the veranda and pergola market. Operating its own production site, the brand adds real value for its customers in terms of quality and installation. The brand has very high potential for growth in its market, with a total target of 40 stores over three years.

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director


Key figures

30 years of expertise

100% french manufacturing

100% exclusive products

15 year guarantee

Le Vérandier

Isolation by Tryba

The story of ISOLATION by TRYBA starts with a meeting between two men whose original objective was to improve comfort in the home using innovative products and expertise new to the market. This meeting between two experts – one a joiner better known through the TRYBA brand, the other an exterior insulation specialist from FCA – gave rise to the new brand. The FCA network was overhauled to become ISOLATION by TRYBA, and comprised around twenty points of sale all working to the same set of values: performance, professionalism and customer care. FCA demonstrated its professional expertise in façade work and the overall thermal offering responding to current energy requirements. Drawing on over 32 years of experience, the brand has developed a label which is unique on the market. Guaranteeing energy results for customers, the Ecoreha label is now respected by owners with high expectations. We commit to recognising that each project is unique. 

Created in 2020, ISOLATION by TRYBA is a network of 17 stores specialising in complete home renovation. The growth of this brand is built on the credibility of TRYBA, in an environment in which energy gains are under constant pressure, providing sustained prospects for growth. The brand has the potential to open 30 stores over the next three years.

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director

Key figures

+ 100 experts at your service

30  years of expertise

100% Qualibat, RGE and AFNOR certified

+ 20 offices in France

Menuiserie Thareaut

Integrated in the ATRYA Group in June 2015, Menuiserie THAREAUT creates joinery solutions which are perfectly adapted to old and heritage buildings, including a THAREAUT Prestige half-round tongue and groove range.

Specialising in exterior wooden doors and windows, Menuiserie Thareaut offers superlative traditional expertise. It is particularly well known for its custom design and renovation of traditional-style openings. This almost 300-year-old craft business has its origins in the tradition of artisan master builders.

Marc Daeffler, Managing Director


Key figures

300  years of history

40  employees

5.7 million turnover

3000 m2  production site premises

Menuiserie Thareaut