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PREMA - L'école au Sahel - AMPAC


2009 | PREMA (84 Var, France) Protection - Resilience - Education - Mediation - Art-thérapy


PREMA is a non-traditional welcoming structure (SANT) taking into charge children and teenagers in difficulty. The youngsters evolve in a family atmosphere and take part in the daily chores. The role of the teaching activities is to provide support in terms of education, discipline, relationship, listening skills and follow up for them to regain self-confidence and dignity.

Since 2010 | L’école au Sahel

This French association located in Mayenne (53) supports the schooling of children of the Boussé area, in Burkina Faso.

Thanks to Tryba A World for children, nearly 200 children were offered a meal a day in 2016.

Since 2012 | AMPAC

A French association based in Strasbourg (67) which has built a « second chance school » in Burkina Faso : agricultural training, breeding, veterinary care within a farm.

The project supported by TRYBA A world for children is the mini dairy of the Séguéré farm.

Since 2015 | Les amis de Kantchari

This French association is based in Valence (26). It builds and renovates primary schools, builds and equips new classes in secondary schools in the Kantchari area in Burkina Faso.

These projects have been supported by TRYBA A world for children ever since 2015.