Help children to build their future!

What is sponsoring?

Sponsoring is a sustainable gesture of solidarity. It enables underprivileged children to live their childhood within their community thanks to the regular contribution of the sponsors.
Sponsoring provides for the vital needs of the child: nutrition, accommodation, medical follow-up and prevention, schooling and professional training whilst respecting culture, environment and way of living.
The sponsoring is a long term commitment as it leads the child towards financial autonomy and enables him to become an independent and responsible adult.

With 33€ a month, a child can complete studies and learn a trade.
Sponsoring ends as soon as the youngster is financially autonomous. Sponsoring stops as well as soon as the family situation improves or if the youngster is not serious minded.
The Vietnamese sisters who are our local relays, follow up the families very closely and do not permit any drifting. We noticed this during each of our visits there.

To sponsor a child, send us your request by filling our contact form.

Tax deductible : Sponsoring entitles you to a tax relief

  • Your expenditure will be 33 x 12 = 396 € for one year.
  • Your tax relief will be 396 € x 66% = 261,36 €
  • Your actual expenditure will be 396 – 261.36 = 134.64 € for one sponsoring year. Coming to 134.64 € a year, that is 11.22€ a month for the schooling of a child.